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Hi There 👋 I’m Wilson.

Me in four bullet points.

  • By day - I’m an Enterprise SaaS Product Manager. By night - I’m the WFH Nomad

  • Asking me if I prefer to travel or work a career in SaaS PM is like asking what I prefer for breakfast: bacon or sausage. I just really like both.

  • I’m based in New York. But sometimes I’m working from San Francisco. And sometimes Atlanta and Mexico City and London.

  • Travel highlights: Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, been to Burj Khalifa. Favorite country: Brazil; Favorite City: Hong Kong

When I’m not working or traveling, I’m still working hard. I publish content to talk about things I’m passionate about.

Bonus Points

  • I speak four languages - English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese

  • Ask me about the 50 countries I’ve traveled to

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Welcome to my website! I'm ecstatic you have taken the time to visit.


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